Breek Records: since 11-08-2010 in the hands of producer RayBreakZ.

It all started in 1992 when beatcreator Wildstar (RayBreakZ) and mc Ten Pesos met and decided
to work together. Music was created in a small room 24/7. Their first act was Little Masters.
Driven boys in the hood who were often regionally on stage.
In 1994 their second project The Sequel was born. This time together with mc Terra.
Funky hip hop with more depth and profoundness in the lyrics was made.
In various youth centers and discotheques they funked like a mutha!
In 1996 hip hop formation Rhyme Animals asked RayBreakz to be the man behind the vinyl.
Yet shortlived because a new scene broke through: House music (Breakbeat, Acid, Breakz, Hardcore, Oldskool). Different story, different style. Since 1995 RayBreakz rocked at jampacked parties alongside Bass Weiler. Nowadays they’re still both regularly behind the turntables
at oldskool parties and classic breakbeat parties, for the underground heads.
Years went by and RayBreakZ is back to where it all started: hip hop and breakbeats.
In 2009 he bumped into Supreme and finally (after years) they recorded a track together.
They instantly connected musically. So they hooked up with guys from way back in the scene
and the first mixtape was released on the label Legal Dope Recordings.
Different visions musically led to a break up in 2010 and RayBreakZ left to create his own label: Breek Records. Initially with mc Supreme bringing a unique style and flow in your ears.
But soon mc Benjah was added and the debut album From Top To Tip was released on the label Breek Records.
In 2014 RayBreakZ met reggae artist Lion Bobmano. This led to a more professional collaboration and several major appearances throughout the country.
In the meanwhile, there are several other side projects RayBreakZ is working on,
so stay tuned for the new shizzle…